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The Sportsmen’s Club of Fort Worth is a long-standing, all volunteer, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization that devotes its resources to outdoor and wildlife charitable and educational activities with an emphasis on serving area youth and youth organizations. The purpose of the Club is to (a) encourage conservation of wildlife and good sportsmanship and safety in hunting, fishing and related activities, and (b) encourage and develop in youth an appreciation and enjoyment of wildlife and the outdoors, including supporting youth involvement in hunting, fishing, wildlife conservation and related activities. Specifically, the Board of Directors strongly encourages that the youth that benefit from Sportsmen’s Club of Fort Worth funding are local to the greater Fort Worth area. However, exceptions to this geographic concentration can be made based on certain criteria.

Any and all requests for donations, grants, and gifts-in-kind distributed by The Sportsmen’s Club of Fort Worth will not be considered for any organization or individual without the accompanying Donation/Grant Request Form completed by the requesting entity.

The Club will generally only consider and approve grant or donation requests at three board meetings during the year – the April, June and September meetings. For a grant or donation request to be considered at one of these three meetings, the request must be submitted to the Club by the 15th day of the month preceding the month of the meeting at which the request is to be considered. For example, if you want a donation request to be addressed at the Club’s June board meeting, the request must be submitted to the Club by May 15th.

If you wish to include a cover letter, please type it or paste it in the area below:

A cover letter detailing the impact of your charitable request is optional. Voting by the board will be conducted solely based on the information provided in the Donation/Grant Request Form below.

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